This information is only for winners. Applicants, entries and shortlists cannot use any of these benefits

Receiving this prestigious and respected recognition for excellence in professional work, business practices and transparency in competitive and hyped Design industry today, serves both, as a confirmation of winners outstanding expertise, and as an effective marketing tool.

Winning India’s Best Design Award is a valuable asset that contributes to winners’ creative reputation, brand image, and can be used as a communication tool to access new markets.

Here winners will find useful information on how to benefit from winning this award.

1. India’s Best Design Awards logo

Winners can download and use India’s Best Design Awards 2020 label for as long as they want. Please make sure the correct and full logo is used and no changes are made to the logo.

Winners can display India’s Best Design Awards logo (applicable to award winners) in print and digital communication, which includes product packaging, brochures, exhibitions, website and social media channels as well as advertisement, commercials etc.

Do use hashtag #TDS2020 #ibda2020 #designindiamag so we can share messages with the DesignIndia Magazine audience.

2. The DesignIndia Show and India’s Best Design Awards ceremony

This year winners are invited to attend The DesignIndia Show event and Awards ceremony which will happen online. It is a unique Design show, comprising discussions with some of the most luminous leaders of the design industry. The award winners 2020 will be announced during the online event, on India’s Best Design Awards web-site and the social media.

3. The Trophy and marketing opportunity

    • Winners will receive their trophy by courier
    • Winners will receive the specially designed template, which can be used for promotion as a winner in digital and social media communication
    • Winners can take pictures with their trophy and the special issue of DesignIndia magazine after the ceremony and use these to communicate the win

Do use hashtag #TDS2020 #ibda2020 #designindiamag so we can share your messages with our audience.

4. DesignIndia Magazine coverage
Special issue of DesignIndia Magazine showcasing the winners’ work 2020 will be released in November 2020.

Download India’s Best Design Awards 2020 winner’s badge here:


Initiated by DesignIndia Magazine in 2015, "India’s Best Design Awards" are the first to recognize Design Studios for their professional work, business practices, and transparency. INDI Design started publishing DesignIndia Magazine in 2010 with the mission of bringing Indian talent in Design, Innovation, and Art into the limelight. The digital avatar of this monthly print magazine is available for annual subscription at www.indipool.com

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