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Best Design Studio Awards Evaluation Process

India’s Best Design Studio Awards is a unique Award to celebrate the best, most creative, most organised and professional Design studios in India.

Clients can close their eyes and choose to work with the best in India. This is soon to become the basic filter for companies to commission work.

Clients work with studios with good and ethical practices. Good Designers want to work with good studios that have healthy ethics and good organisation. These studios are not just sparks in the pan.

We recognise that many studios work for clients who never want the limelight, we also recognise that many Corporate companies have brilliant in-house design studios.

We encourage all confident and growing studios to Enter before deadline.
Studios are welcome to enter themselves.
Jury will first prepare a shortlist, and then chose only one winner in each track.There can only be one Best Design Studio in each track.

We are always tweaking the format and tracks. Do give us your feedback and we shall try to improve using that.

How to Enter

Please review the entry tracks and track criteria before you Enter.
You may want to prepare your entry. please note the information that you give is kept private and not shared or published.
Have the following files and information ready before you enter:
1. Legal Name of your Studio
2. Status of company ( Private Limited, Proprietorship, Partnership)
3. Incorporation Certificate no.
4. Annual Turnover for Year 2015-2016
5. IT Return for year 2014-15. pdf format
6. Registered address
7. Corporate address ie. operational address
8. Number of employees
9. Name, email and phone of directors of the company
10. Name, email, contacts of 2 clients
11. Name, email, contacts of 3 key people in the studio
12. List of 5 latest projects.
13. Prepare presentation in pdf on each of those projects as per Entry Format to upload it into Entry form.

You then need to submit all this online in the form.
After that you can proceed to payment link.
You will need to pay within 24 hours online.

Now your entry is complete.

You should enter for one track that is your core competency.
You are welcome to enter in multiple tracks, but remember each time you have to make a separate entry and payment.
All accepted entries are presented to Jury.
Jury  will prepare a shortlist that will be announced.
Winners are chosen, announced and celebrated.

How to Enter for In-house Design Studios

Information needed to be sent by In-house Design Studios:

1. Name of your Company
2. Address of the company where studio is located
3. Satement by the CEO / MD of the company on the impact of the Design studio to your companies business.
4. Annual Turnover of the company for Year 2015-2016
7. Number of Designers employed by the company in this studio.
8. Name, email, phone of the person heading the studio / design function at the company
9. Name, email and phone of Managing director of the company
10. A 500 word note on the company and history of design studio in the company
11. Name, email, contacts of 3 key people in the studio
12. List of 5 latest projects.
13. Prepare presentation in pdf on each of those projects as per IBDSA Format to upload it into Entry form.


Initiated by POOL Magazine in 2015, "India’s Best Design Studio Awards" are the first to recognize Design Studios for their professional work, business practices and transparency. INDI Design started publishing POOL Magazine in 2010 with the mission of bringing Indian talent in Design, Innovation, and Art into the limelight. The digital avatar of this monthly print magazine is available for annual subscription at www.indipool.com


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