IBDSA Winner's 2015

Evaluation Process

The shortlist for ‘India’s Best Design Studio 2015’ was created by designers and recognized by peers. An email survey was conducted among 100 experts; and over 500 professionals participated in the online survey conducted among the Design India community on Facebook and the Yahoo group.

So, how did they make it to the shortlist?

These are all who are perceived as a good design studio that has done some creditable work in a particular category. They do good work and then are seen to be doing good work as well, – active at design events, and on social media, and have an active website with engaging content.

After shortlist had been finalised, IBDSA team has contacted all shortlisted studios to gather additional details – legal, financial, administrative data along with 5 prominent projects showcase. This was confidentially shared with respective jury panel to be evaluated.

Evaluation Criteria

1. Novelty and distinctiveness:
Qualities that differentiate a design from rivals; originality and distinctiveness.

2. Functionality and ease of use:
To perform the basic product function correctly; appropriateness of the design to meet a targeted need and the degree to which the need is answered; functional specifications that are easily understood and usable.

3. Honesty and sincerity:
To reflect correctly the function and qualifications of the product to the user through visual language and form.

4. Aesthetic:
The extent to which aesthetic qualities support and enhance the product: to sustain a visual unity and create an attractive and appealing effect.

5. Economy:
The appropriateness of product life span and price in comparison with the value and benefit provided to the user; to provide economical and efficient use.

6. Design quality for manufacture:
Well-executed design details to obtain high-quality manufacture.

7. Social Interest:

To take necessary precautions to minimize negative effects to the environment attributable to the product. Works in the benefit of the user and is socially reliable.

Tracks 2015

India's Best Graphic Design Studio
India's Best Brand Design Studio
India's Best Industrial Design Studio
India's Best Fashion Design Studio
India's Best Merchandise Design Studio
India's Best UX Design Studio
India's Best Animation Design Studio
India's Best Furniture Design Studio
India's Best Architectural Design Studio
India's Best Craft Design Studio

Initiated by DesignIndia Magazine in 2015, "India’s Best Design Awards" are the first to recognize Design Studios for their professional work, business practices, and transparency. INDI Design started publishing DesignIndia Magazine in 2010 with the mission of bringing Indian talent in Design, Innovation, and Art into the limelight. The digital avatar of this monthly print magazine is available for annual subscription at www.indipool.com

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