Best Design Project Tracks

Product Design
Automotive, household appliances, lighting, medical devices, computers and electronics, objects etc.
Communication Design
Visual identity, graphic design, publications, magazines, press, advertising, signage, annual reports, installations, merchandise, films and video, events etc.
Strategic Design
Brand strategy, systems design, instil-design.
Packaging Design
Food & beverages, health & beauty, consumer electronics, lifestyle etc.
Architectural Design
Hotels, spas, restaurants, shopping malls; residential and commercial complexes, public sector - government, educational institutions, museums, libraries, spiritual etc.
Spatial Design
Environments & interiors - corporate, private, public spaces, residencies, retail and workspace etc.
Furniture Design
Workspaces, Residential, Bespoke, Unique etc.
Digital Design
UX/UI, Apps; new media - web-sites.
Accessories Design
Lifestyle / fashion jewellery, bags, watches, eyewear etc.
Textile Design
Fabric, materials and textile products - carpets, curtains, upholstery, uniforms, apparel etc.

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