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General Motors Technical Centre India (GMTCI) is one of General Motors’ major technical centers. Vehicles of various brands are developed in these technical centers, by sharing the work, while leveraging regional expertise. The Design Studio, part of GMTCI, started its operations in 2005 and is a state-of-art studio equipped with facilities to visualize, create and validate vehicle designs. The studio focuses on developing vehicle forms by creating digital models. This process involves transforming the sketches and design intent into a digital model while incorporating engineering parameters, human factors, vehicle regulations, etc. During the process of developing the designs, clay modeling is used to fine tune the volume, proportions and surface quality. GMTCI Design Studio also validates the design quality of the vehicles launched in GM plants. Its Design Quality team reviews visual attributes like surface finish, texture, color, etc. and ensures that the design intent is maintained during manufacturing stages.

Projects presented:

1. Chevrolet Spark ACTIV
2. Cruise Autonomous Vehicle
3. Chevrolet Blazer
4. Cadillac XT4
5. GMC Sierra
6. Chevrolet Malibu
7. Cadillac CT-6 V-Sport
8. Chevrolet Traverse


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