DesignIndia 123

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In this issue: BRILLIO Design Studio, Almond Branding, Baaya Design, Bifrost, Brucira, Design Ni Dukaan, DesignLIFE, First Base, Invent Group, Network of Creative Thinkers, Oddinary Marketing India, Red Baton Design Studio, RGD Design, No.Na.Mé makings, Anuvad, De IcebreakerCreative Studio, Fractal Ink Design Studio, MIT Institute of Design, Greytone, Pixians, kabbish, Akkshit Khattar, Red Brick Design Studio, RaffughAar, Somany Home Innovation, Quirk Box, BeatRoot Co, Oddinary Marketing India, Greyphyte, Fractal Ink Design Studio, ABND Designs, DOTTO: Objectsof Curiosity, Headlight Design, Firebrand, WhyNine Design, Miti Design Lab, Tinyfarm, ABND Designs, Design LIFE, Omala Earth, Dreamjar Studios, Butterfly Design Studio, Peoli, Pearl Academy, RC Architecture with Steelcase Design, Loco Design, Differniture Spaces, Red Baton Design Studio, Sirohi – By Skilled Samaritan, DesignAnswers

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Initiated by DesignIndia Magazine in 2015, "India’s Best Design Awards" are the first to recognize Design Studios for their professional work, business practices, and transparency. INDI Design started publishing DesignIndia Magazine in 2010 with the mission of bringing Indian talent in Design, Innovation, and Art into the limelight. The digital avatar of this monthly print magazine is available for annual subscription at www.indipool.com

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